St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

Gradans had the honour of being asked to supply the ironmongery for St Paul’s new public entrance and toilet area, with new DDA toilets, staff offices and public entrance. Gradans had the task of making sure the new ironmongery matched the design and history of St Pauls, as you can imagine there have been some changes since the first foundation where laid in 1604.

The existing doors and ironmongery have lasted the test of time but they were in need of upgrading, with an annual footfall of 1’892.467 visiting the Cathedral, Gradans had to make sure we were supplying fit for purpose products … also with changes to DDA and fire regulations to public buildings, Gradans had the task of making sure the ironmongery supplied for the new DDA Toilets where within the up-to-date Disable Disability Act and for all the communal doors we had to make sure the ironmongery was fire rated and capable of heavy usage .. We used our old trusted friend Dorma for all the floor springs as the ITS80 has been tried and tested for many years and when you are laying over a 100 years old flooring we needed to make sure these floor springs would never need to be replaced in our life time.. we used Simonwerk hinges for all the hung doors as there Tritech CE1550 hinges Grade 14 with max weight of over 160Kgs per 3 hinges Gradans had every confidents these doors and hinges would withstand the over 1 million visitors.
The hardest task was to make all the ironmongery finish match the existing finish, over the last 100 + years the finish at St Pauls had changed and Gradans was supplied with some of the old ironmongery to restore and match the existing to make sure the ironmongery within St Pauls looked and match the history of the Cathedral, for this we turned to Itesori who are renowned for their very high end exclusive specialities. The team at Itesori took collection of all the existing ironmongery and supplied us with samples to match. The beauty of the finish was its called a living finish, this means the Bronze that was chosen will age with the Building, as the Floors, walls and doors age so will the ironmongery.

“This project is without fail the biggest and proudest project Gradans have worked on within the 18 years since we started Gradans, no way would I have thought I would be walking though St Pauls with my scheduling book 18 years ago, I walked around with the architects and design team with the biggest smile on my face. Mproudest day at Gradans. I would personally like to thank all the team at Bakers of Danbury and St Pauls Cathedral for this great opportunity.”

Daniel Blackwell Dip GAI
Commercial Director